How To Make Him Fall In Love Again After A Breakup

Mason Gray
5 min readMay 29, 2021

I believe that falling in love is the best feeling while breaking up with someone you once loved is the worst feeling ever. So, if you are here, I assume you are heartbroken and looking for ways to get back to your ex. The only thing going through your mind is “how to make him fall in love again after a breakup”. However, going back and telling your ex that you can’t live without him and you still love him is not something I suggest. Instead, I prefer to trick him down to his knees to make him feel like he wants you back in his life.

Do you understand the idea? No? Let me help you; if you go back to him, he will think that he is your weakness and might take advantage of that, but if he falls in love with you again, even after the breakup, it means that he will not let you go this time.

Before we start, you need to keep in mind that making him love you again is a psychological game. So your intentions must be positive; remember that you are not doing it with any bad intentions such as revenge or anything similar. As long as you stay positive, you will soon get the results.

So, if you agree with the rules and still want him back, let’s move on to the main topic without wasting any more time.

1. Recall the mistakes that fell you both apart

I know you may think it’s crazy, but you need to find the reason that has torn you both apart. That doesn’t mean it’s your fault, maybe it’s his fault, or he’s cheating on you. Whatever the reason is, just find out.

If it is your fault, send him a letter of apology saying “you were wrong” and thank him for putting up with you, and wish him good luck in the future. He will realize that you have now changed and no longer want to be with him. This will trigger his feelings for you, and he will start finding excuses to get back together with you.

2. Find new male friends

Even after a breakup, you can’t get rid of thoughts about him. You miss him and desperately want your ex back in your life. The best thing to do is to make him realize that you are important. Don’t make calls or 1000s of messages; if you think texting and calling will bring him back, you are wrong.

Make him a little jealous to provoke his feelings for you. You don’t have to flirt with anyone for this. Just start hanging out with your male friends and post pictures on your social media with the caption, “I’m enjoying my life more than ever.” This will make your ex realize that you feel happy without him. His feelings will be triggered, which will make him think that he didn’t care about you and that your new partner (in his opinion) loves you more than him.

At this point, he will try to contact you. You will be happy, but don’t react quickly; ignore him a little bit to increase his feelings. Wait for the right time, and he will fall in love with you again.

3. Recall the time when you met for the first time.

This is a fantastic trick. By remembering the time you first met, you can remember why he fell in love with you. Which of your qualities, actions, or style intrigued him, and he proposed to you. Once you remember that, start focusing on that thing. For example, if he likes the way you smile because he loves to see your dimples. Start posting selfies that focus more on your dimple.

Are you confused about whether the idea will work or not? Trust me; it will indeed work for him. It is a natural phenomenon that men don’t realize how important the person is when he is around, but they start missing her as soon as she is gone. This is the best time to remind him that he loves your dimples, so he will start missing you more.

4. Do not regret on social platforms

It is a common practice that after a breakup, one partner moves on while the other gets sad and keeps posting sad quotes, verses, and heartbreaking status updates. If you are doing similar things, stop doing this. If you post such things, he will only make fun of you instead of returning to you.

However, if you post things that reflect your inner satisfaction and show that you have no regrets after leaving him and you are now enjoying your life. He will get angry when he finds out why you feel happier now. Why didn’t you feel it earlier?

If he thinks about you more and more, he will fall in love with you all over again.

5. Work on yourself

Have you ever wondered if maybe it’s your looks that made him turn away from you? I am not saying that you are not beautiful; it’s just that you don’t care for yourself anymore. If this is the case, you should start taking care of yourself. Start visiting a spa, get a new haircut, dye your hair and change your appearance. If you think your skin is aging very fast, try anti-aging creams from famous brands. Take care of your skin, make yourself look chic, and bring a new style into your life.

With your new avatar, you can easily amaze him. His feelings for you start to grow, and he wants to date you once again.

Wrapping it up!

Life does not end after a breakup. You always have the option to move on, but if you think you will miss him and can’t get rid of his thoughts. It is better to try the tips and tricks, and you will surely get him back.

Remember that you must never give up your dignity. Get him back with full dignity and enjoy your life. Good luck with your love!

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